Spring 2015’s Best Listens

Like any drain that isn't frequently cleaned out with a powerful chemical agent, an unwelcome amount of sludge can start to amass over time.  Over the last few months, since I've dedicated valuable blog space to my rambling musings about life, featured guest posts about live shows/relevant topics, and shared farfetched perspectives on the ever changing … Continue reading Spring 2015’s Best Listens


In Steady Rotation Gets Live

The last few months have been a whirlwind of extensive traveling, workshops and networking, and other spontaneous adventures.  In the interest of continuing to answer all prospective experiential inquiries in the affirmative, I ended up seeing some pretty dope hip-hop performances from February through May.  The highlight was most certainly the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival in Hartford, … Continue reading In Steady Rotation Gets Live

I Can’t Breathe

Winter's been tough.  After Boston's ill-fated pact with the devil, ensuring that the Patriots glided towards their umpteenth Superbowl victory, the forces above chose to punish us with one of the most brutal winters in recent memory.  We received over 110 inches of snow fall, crushing all records before us and simultaneously pushing our dear city to … Continue reading I Can’t Breathe

In Steady Rotation: A New Year in Digital Digging

For the very few followers that regularly check this blog for its intended purpose, which is to bring you quintessential hip-hop music, discovered and reviewed monthly, you've probably realized that it's been notably quiet for several months.  My travel-clogged holidays and expanding work schedule have both impeded my ability to actually lose myself in the expansive world … Continue reading In Steady Rotation: A New Year in Digital Digging

2014: The Year’s Most Rotated Joints

In ushering in the New Year, it's only right that we celebrate the departing one. I'm delighted to say that 2014 wrapped up on a high note, with several surprise last minute albums that came out of the woodwork.  D'Angelo resurfaced from musical seclusion to drop off his long-awaited release "Black Messiah" and Azealia Banks released her eclectic and … Continue reading 2014: The Year’s Most Rotated Joints

September 2014’s Best Listens

In our beautiful city of Boston, September is a time when us normal city dwellers are suddenly and rudely bombarded by a deluge of bumbling, easily excitable and remarkably confused college students.  Blocking the streets with their moving vans, clogging up the public transportation, blasting the melodious sounds of Waka Flocka Flame en route to house parties; the student invasion … Continue reading September 2014’s Best Listens