On White Privilege, Macklemore & Hip-Hop

  I'll be the first to admit it: I've never been much of a Macklemore fan.  To prepare for this post, I looked back at a series of email exchanges I had with my friend Casey in early 2013.  In summation, let's just say that I did not have a whole lot of praiseworthy accolades for Macklemore's … Continue reading On White Privilege, Macklemore & Hip-Hop


I Can’t Breathe

Winter's been tough.  After Boston's ill-fated pact with the devil, ensuring that the Patriots glided towards their umpteenth Superbowl victory, the forces above chose to punish us with one of the most brutal winters in recent memory.  We received over 110 inches of snow fall, crushing all records before us and simultaneously pushing our dear city to … Continue reading I Can’t Breathe