In Steady Curation: Summer 2015

I fully admit it: I am downright shitty at keeping this damn blog updated.  I could provide a litany of excuses, but I think the most important one is that my computer died about three weeks ago (which is a fact).  I've been doing double duty trying to maintain both professional and personal digital perusing on … Continue reading In Steady Curation: Summer 2015


I Can’t Breathe

Winter's been tough.  After Boston's ill-fated pact with the devil, ensuring that the Patriots glided towards their umpteenth Superbowl victory, the forces above chose to punish us with one of the most brutal winters in recent memory.  We received over 110 inches of snow fall, crushing all records before us and simultaneously pushing our dear city to … Continue reading I Can’t Breathe

2014: The Year’s Most Rotated Joints

In ushering in the New Year, it's only right that we celebrate the departing one. I'm delighted to say that 2014 wrapped up on a high note, with several surprise last minute albums that came out of the woodwork.  D'Angelo resurfaced from musical seclusion to drop off his long-awaited release "Black Messiah" and Azealia Banks released her eclectic and … Continue reading 2014: The Year’s Most Rotated Joints