In Steady Rotation is the product of one voracious hip-hop head’s quest to dig deep into the digital crates of the internet for exceptional, recently released hip-hop albums. This project began with my own hip-hop renaissance in 2012, when I grew restless with the oft-repeated classic albums of the early 90s and decided to start scouring the internet for today’s best gems. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.   Despite Nas’ proclamation that hip-hop is dead, I discovered a hidden trove of previously unheard artists and their extremely-ill releases.  As I began to have conversations with friends about the state of present day hip-hop, I realized that many of them were unfamiliar with what I considered to be the creme de la creme of the current underground landscape. From that disconnect, this wonderful blog was born. Feel free to use it as a musical compass to navigate the burgeoning hip-hop blogosphere and guide yourself toward some of today’s best releases, many of them free. I’m optimistic about the quantity and the quality of hip-hop music today, and cannot wait to share that optimism through my posts. Thanks for stopping by and happy listening.

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Inside My Headphones

For the complete listening experience, be sure to check out my, Bandcamp Collection, and Soundcloud pages by clicking the icons below.  You’ll see my iTunes activity along with my exciting travels through SoundCloud.  Most of my In Steady Curation playlists are sourced from the latter.  Dig in and jam out.

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