This Summer’s Hip-Hop Essentials

Are you sticky AF right now? I know I am. This summer has been soaked in humidity and there hasn't been much relief. Fortunately, hip-hop has come to the rescue. Pusha T's new album Daytona has marked the triumphant return of the coke rapper while Mac Miller's Swimming has showcased the emcee at his most introspective and … Continue reading This Summer’s Hip-Hop Essentials


In Steady Curation: Past is Present

In the whirlwind of grad school, I often found solace in scrolling through my SoundCloud feed and cranking the volume. I fended off the stress of assignments, transcended the chaos of my surroundings, and escaped the exhaustion of the intellectual vortex. Now that I've shattered those chains, I've been trying to show a little love … Continue reading In Steady Curation: Past is Present