The Return of the Old School

When the death knell of American democracy first sounded with the mindless chanting of "Make America Great Again", I saw no upside. To my mind, the cry of MAGA represented a nefarious "good ol days" dog whistle. Another instance of "Remember when?" that often leaves us waxing nostalgic for times when black and white folks … Continue reading The Return of the Old School


Best Listens of 2016

Fuck 2016. That's right, I said it. Let's collectively bid adieu to the colossal shitstorm of Brexit, the Dallas Shootings, relentless police brutality, the siege of Aleppo, the election of Trump, and the sudden deaths of more musical artists than I care to recall. Like any patriotic American, I ended up burying my head in the sand when I became overwhelmed, clicking my … Continue reading Best Listens of 2016

Conflict, Catharsis & The Come-Up: Three Albums To Rotate

What drives emcees to continue producing, continue recording and continue writing? What launches a person into the world of hip-hop? I've always conjectured that at its core, hip-hop culture derives itself from conflict. Some of this conflict is internal. Rappers initiate their quest from the inside out, searching for their greater meaning as they draw upon personal experiences where … Continue reading Conflict, Catharsis & The Come-Up: Three Albums To Rotate