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Ironically enough, this month’s curated playlist of addictive, quintessential hip-hop jams starts off with a track that was released back in late June, by none other than J.K. The Reaper.  Entitled “Fountain of Youth”, J.K. energetically embraces his youth, his weirdness and the essence of a generation looking to simply have fun.  It only seemed fitting to have this be the departure point for the rest of the month’s music, which, from Diamond District’s preview track “First Step” to new music from Michael Christmas, is pretty damn tight.  And of course, how could I not end the month’s playlist with Lauryn Hill’s new sketch/song “Black Rage”?  That’s right folks, Lauryn Hill, despite her extremely poor performances in London, is back in effect with some new music that touches upon social paradigms and the oppressive dynamics that steered her away from the music industry after her first and only album release.  Look out for September by the end of next week.



The Full August Mixtape Breakdown


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