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It has been a scorching hot minute since I’ve put together a curated list of head-nodding hip-hop music.  And for that, I apologize.  But thank god for SoundCloud!  I liked and reposted every track that had my noggin shaking up and down like the hip-hop nerd that I’ve always been.  And shake it did!  The freezing cold months of January through March was a geyser of single releases that made it hard not to exceed 15 tracks.  Kembe X, Killer Mike, Action Bronson, Substantial, Kwad and a much longer list of bona fide mic wreckers killed it in the booth.  My personal favorites include Oddisee’s “That’s Love”, Nxworries “Suede”, and Substantial’s absolutely dope “MLK (Dream Big)”, a song that would easily be at home on a 90s mixtape street release.  But why take my word for it?  Listen below and check out my SoundCloud page for more updated music recommendations.  Over and out.


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