In Steady Curation Image 2

There have been some absolutely insane hip-hop gems that have dropped in the last few months.  On a walk home a few months ago, “Black Friday”, a Kendrick/J.Cole collabo hit my headphones and I knew that any In Steady Curation would need to begin with that track.  From there, it just gets better as you’ll go on a journey through music put out by Rejjie Snow, ¿Téo?, Mr. Lif, and so many more.  Some of my personal favorites are Cell Gllligan & Saah’s “American Views”, an excellent track with old school vibes that keeps your head nodding, or Pell’s “Coming Home (iPhone Version)”, which has a slow buildup but is dope as it comes. Go through the whole tracklist and enjoy the beats and rhymes that have been keeping me excited.


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