In Steady Curation Image 2

I fully admit it: I am downright shitty at keeping this damn blog updated.  I could provide a litany of excuses, but I think the most important one is that my computer died about three weeks ago (which is a fact).  I’ve been doing double duty trying to maintain both professional and personal digital perusing on my work computer, and well, it hasn’t been the most successful project.  However, I did want to at least get one very quick blog post up for September.  Summer Part 2 will be coming shortly, but for now, I wanted to scramble to share a small morsel of hip-hip deliciousness for your eager taste buds.  Despite droughts in California, this summer has provided quite the bounty of hip-hop music.  From Your Old Droog to J.K. The Reaper, there’s been some underground vets throwing their aces on the table, while a few lesser known artists new to the scene also released some surprisingly ill music.  My stand out single was probably “Stop Play Rewind” from Add-2 which featured Rapsody, that really channeled that feel-good summer hip-hop vibe that bumps oh-so-beautifully from your speakers with the car windows down.  You know the feeling.  Check out the playlist below and enjoy!


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